Fine Wine and Weed: A High End Cannabis Dinner with David Ansill – Philly Foodporn

“High end” food in Philly is easier to get than ever before.


For Tony

On two separate occasions, I was fortunate enough to been able to ask Anthony any question that I wanted to in person. The first time, I asked something along the lines of when he’d get around to filming an episode of No Reservations in Philadelphia and if his reluctance to do so was a reflection of his opinion on our…

Guest Article: How To Be A Regular At Your Local Coffee Shop -By Greg Osisek

As I announced earlier this year, there will be a number of guest writers on the site to give us different perspectives on Philly’s food scene. There are a number of articles coming your way in the weeks to come (along with two exciting new ones from yours truly), and the first one is from someone just that; a different…