What We’re Excited For in 2017 (Part 2) – By The Philly Food Scene

I’ll skip the obligatory intro to the segment and start with a couple of guys that you may already know. Gary Pica and Ryan Tegeler, the minds behind @PhillyNomBros have been contributing their perspective on Philly’s food scene for the past few years and have genuinely stood out from the crowd in terms of variety. You won’t see repeated pictures of crab fries, cheesesteaks, and rainbow bagels on their pages rather than some genuinely original dishes that pique any open-minded foodie’s interest. By the looks of things, 2017 is going to be a big year for them as well.


Lucky’s Last Chance, Queen Village

By @PhillyNomBros

The city recently welcomed one of our favorite restaurants from our college days in Manayunk.  Lucky’s Last Chance opened a new location in Queen Village last month on 2nd & Christian and we couldn’t be more excited that their epic burgers, tots, hot dogs, and craft beers are once again within walking distance of us. In 2013, they took the Philly burger scene by storm when they won Philadelphia Burger Brawl with the now infamous “Peanut Butter and Bacon” burger. Now that they’ve opened up shop in the heart of Philadelphia, we expect Lucky’s to draw a lot of attention in 2017.


The Mak Attack Burger from Lucky’s Last Chance (Ingredients Pretty Self-Explanatory) – Via @PhillyNomBros on Instagram


So what do you order when you get to Lucky’s Last Chance? Our personal favorite burger is the Mak Attack. If we had to pick one last meal on this earth, this might be what we choose. The Mak Attack is oozing with cheesy goodness.  Don’t forget to order a side of Garlic Butter Fries, which are topped with freshly grated Asiago. While you’re at it, add the Jalepeño tots, which are loaded with cheese and crisped to perfection.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Queen Village and eat like it’s your last chance.

Lucky’s Last Chance is located at 848 S 2nd St in Queen Village. You can reach them at (267) 519-2080,  @LuckysLastChance on Instagram or their website, luckyslastchance.com

Antonia Emilia’s blog and Instagram accounts are relatively new to the scene, but original nonetheless. As a repent-less carnivore and practicing member of all things questionable to my health, I often take cool-downs with vegetarian or vegan diets to let my body know that I don’t actually hate it and often look to the now-growing number of Philly vegan blogs and accounts for advice on where to go. Mom, vegan, avid tattoo enthusiast, and promoter of positive body image, Toni’s a lot of great things that I’m not and offers insightful reviews and – most importantly – a different perspective to the food scene. In my hopes to bring some new voices to this site, I think I found a good candidate with her.


PlantPure Cafe

By @SemiRaw_Vegan

For many people, with the new year comes new resolutions; to workout, and to start eating a healthier diet tend to be the most common goals. But often times people dip off their resolutions due to the difficulties of busy work and personal lives, and the inability to find great tasting, quick easy on-the-go meals that are both satisfying and delicious. But now there’s PlantPure Cafe to help you start eating healthier in general. With delicious, entirely plant based meals, that contain zero cholesterol, and no added sugars, in a fast casual environment. Formerly known as Vgè, in the heart of Bryn Mawr, they’re switching locations to 1115 Walnut street, formerly where Maoz was located. And revamping what was already a great menu. Even if you’re not a full fledged vegan, and you’re just looking to cut back on meat consumption, and eat a healthier diet overall then this is the place for you.


The Vegan Bahn Mi with soy strips, radish, onion, carrot, cucumber, pickles, and oil-free cilantro dressing – From @PlantPureCafe on Instagram

With a menu that features old favorites such as the Reuben sandwich or wrap, or topped over a rice bowl, or the Bahn Mi. And sure to be new favorites like the PlantPure steak or yam tacos. This menu is entirely customizable. While it seems simple, the flavors are anything but. And the fast casual fare make it incredibly easy to keep up that New Years resolution while on the go, or just to start eating a healthier diet that isn’t at all lacking in flavor. Owner Fernando Peralta has worked tirelessly with world renowned doctors T. Colin Campbell, and and his son Nelson Campbell, stars of the documentary PlantPure Nation. With that background in health and nutrition sciences, and the culinary expertise of chef Peralta, this cafe will be sure to leave you feeling satisfied, and your body thanking you.

PlantPure Cafe is located at 1115 Walnut Street in Center City. You can reach them at (267) 474-762; @PlantPureCafe on Instagram or their website.

If you’ve ever wondered why more and more people are gravitating towards social media – Instagram in particular – as a business tool, take a look at Vinny and Anitra Golini at @FloridaStylePizza in South Philly. Once they opened their account and started regularly posting pictures of their inside-out pizzas – often with crazy-original fillings like strawberry oreos and cheesecake – followers and press write-ups started to poor in and help them network throughout the scene, all while making a few friends in the process, like me. Like last year’s article of what we all collectively recommended for 2016, I try to include them in anything I do for this site.


South Kitchen & Jazz Parlor

By @FloridaStylePizza

The Philly restaurant scene has been growing fast in the last ten years and has really sped up over the last three as over 100 new places have opened. The focus on quality and bringing food back to its roots has never been better. Gastropubs have brought great chefs in to a casual atmosphere , farm to table has become the norm and the modern twist on old dishes has breathed new life into the food scene. While we never thought of ourselves as foodies, the attention to detail , freshness, and creativity with flavor combinations has not only awakened our love for cooking but I think has turned us into obsessed foodies. Of course Instagram has a lot to do with it also as I can’t go a minute without seeing a new spot that we have to try, it also helps to have become friends with all of the foodie writers that have contributed on here. While our palates are not as developed or curious as others , we know what is good .

    This past year we have been to some great spots new and old but one of our favorites was South Kitchen and Jazz parlor. The place is on 600 north Broad and is open six days a week with Monday being their only day closed. This is their first year of operation and is owned by restaurateurs and jazz experts, the Bynam brothers. When we rate a place we rate it not only on the food and service but the look and feel of the place. Don’t get me wrong if you make good food ,thats good enough to see us regularly , but for a complete date night experience we ask for a little more.

Shrimp Pappardelle with local mushrooms, baby kale, cured egg yolk, and manchego – Via @SouthJazzKitchen on Instagram

As usual we found out about this place on Instagram and decided to go listen to some live jazz and see what they were,all about. It’s a smart casual place so you could be dressed comfortably and that got us there a little quicker. It didn’t take long for us to be impressed with the place , the little courtyard with outside seating was decorated beautifully. When we walked in we were immediately greeted and sat in the beautiful lounge area with a big bar , comfortable seating and sky roof. Within 15 min we were escorted to the chefs table with the open kitchen and the dining room was behind us . It was one open air flow and what an experience to watch the chefs in action. If you walk back and to the left there is the live jazz room filled with tables and couches and a stage . You could also eat your dinner and drink back there but we wanted all three parts of the experience. They have live jazz six nights a week with two showing times to see local and national jazz acts.
Now as for the food they make a Southern fare with a modern twist and they are also farm to table. When I tell you everything we had was one of the best tasting things we ever had , that would be an understatement. First the homemade biscuit that melted in your mouth and smelled like heaven. Second the crawfish bisque with blue crab beignet, brandy, and chives that sung in your mouth with its creaminess and depths of flavors, so good.
Third and probably the best new dish of the year, and that’s saying something, the wood fired grilled chicken with Lima bean puree, sea island succotash, house tasso ham, and pearl onions, excuse me a moment… okay I’m back. The flavor combination and char on the chicken made this phenomenal and it actually borders on healthy. Last but not least the desserts, the bourbon pecan pie and the banana pudding truffle, OMG !! Now we have only been there two times and we can only imagine how the rest of the menu tastes, also they change their menu from time to time so getting exactly what we had might not be possible but I’m sure you will thank me.
Service was phenomenal from start to finish before I forget to touch on that but it wouldn’t of mattered much either way. We experienced live jazz for some culture, which was also great, sat at the chefs table and had a few drinks in the lounge. We were blown away by their take on Southern cuisine and all in all it was an eleven on a scale from one to ten. If you want to go out with your significant other and have an amazing overall eating experience, go to South Kitchen and Jazz bar and tell them Vinny from Florida Style sent you !!
South Kitchen and Jazz Bar is located at 600 N. Broad Street. You can reach them at or their website.

You can read the first part of what we’re excited for in 2017 here. Part 3 coming soon! Interested in submitting material to Philly Foodporn? Be sure to reach out on our ‘Contact’ page.

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