Philly Foodporn – Now Seeking Submissions

While I work on two other major projects for this site (which I’ll let you know about soon), I’m going to need a few people to help put content on this site on a consistent basis. Although trying has been extremely fun, it’s simply impossible for one guy to cover everything that’s been happening in Philly’s exploding food scene.

Now more than ever have people in Philly (and all major cities) been paying attention to food, cocktails, talented chefs and restaurateurs, and niche events that add to the culture and overall excitement to our city. I’d be lying if I said I thought that PFP was your average food blog, but it’s because of all of this excitement and open-mindedness towards food that I’m even able to have the audience that I do, and I’m hoping that some of you would be able to contribute, whether it be an essay, video, or audio piece.

So, what am I looking for, exactly?

If you take a look at my previous posts, you’ll see that I try to stray from what I see as the norm in the food blogging world. I’ve always seen Philly Foodporn as more of a culture (and dare I say lifestyle?) site rather than a run-of-the-mill food blog. I only write about stuff that I really think others should know about. Whether it be a new service that could change the way we eat or cook, to essays on where I see our food scene going, I only want to show stuff that I think really contributes to how eclectic our food scene is becoming.

Restaurant reviews? Philly has countless amazing restaurants, but it would take a lot for me to want to sit down and write a thousand words on a place I can simply tell people about on social media. I could probably give you all the info you’ll want to know on a spot within an Instagram post. Call me “part of the problem” with today’s food journalism if you want, but there’s plenty of other sites and columns that provide excellently written write-ups that you can check out.

Recipes? Meh. If it’s something I can find by a simple google search, then I probably wouldn’t need it on the site. That’s not to say that they’re completely out of the question, though.

What I’m really looking for is down-right fascinating material on anything relevant to Philadelphia’s food scene, whether it be considered a mainstream, “exclusive” interview with Stephen Starr, or an underground piece on the food scene’s now growing industry of do-it-yourself restaurants, pop-ups, and dinner clubs (which I assure you is growing faster than you think).

I’m open to any and all ideas and pitches, however. All you’d have to do is email me at phillyfoodporn[at]gmail[dot]com with what you have in mind and wait for a response. I’m especially hoping for pieces from people in the industry. Share your views with us on the inner workings of Philly’s food scene, vent about trends that you’re sick of seeing,  or tell us a funny fuckin’ story! The same goes for my fellow food bloggers who are looking to promote their own sites. There’s no commitment or minimum amount of articles needed. Just send them when you’re ready.

Also, just remember that Philly Foodporn is a platform meant to promote what’s good in our food scene, not a platform for bad-mouthing specific restaurants or businesses. So save your shitty restaurant reviews for Yelp.

When your submission is posted on the site, it’ll be shared with Philly Foodporn’s sizeable audience of food-savvy readers, social media followers, and other media outlets in the Philadelphia area. Along with this exposure, I can offer valuable perks to help you build your own audience such as access to special events and restaurants, media and networking dinners, and a reputable influence.

Visit the Contact page to pitch your ideas!

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