A Working Map of Philadelphia’s Best Hangover Food

It’s noon. Your woken up by a pounding headache.

You’re still a little tipsy.

Nope. You’re still hammered.

Where did we go last night?

Why do I smell like cigarettes and cheese whiz?

…What the hell happened?


It’s time to put the pieces back together and try to nurture your body back to health. You chug an entire gallon of water and quickly realize that it’s not cutting it. You need something more than water to soak up the alcohol that’s still in your stomach. Something greasy. Something filling. Something with bacon.

Fortunately for you, we have just the right map to help you decide on where to eat when your fighting off remnants from last night. The restaurants on this map are a collection of spots that have time and time again brought me back from certain death with their revitalizing, savory foods as well as restaurants recommended by some of my fellow Philly food bloggers. On it you’ll find a wide variety of food spots and services that we’ve come to know as our hangover saviors.

Of course, like our popular Drunk Food map, this is an ongoing work which will be updated as we find new places and receive recommendations from you on our contact page.

Enjoy, and get well soon!

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