Brace Yourselves… Anthony Bourdain is Coming to Philly in October


If you haven’t already seen me do the social media equivalent of screaming like a little school girl recently, you may or may not be aware that my favorite world traveler, writer, film maker, and savvy-to-all Renaissance man, Anthony Bourdain will be coming to Philly during his new North American tour, appropriately titled The Hunger, later this year.

For those who haven’t seen Tony’s live act, the easiest way to explain what an evening with him would be that of an evening with a much more worldly version of a stand-up comedian. I was fortunate to see him only a few years back and had a blast listening to his stories about fellow celebrity travel hosts, his views on vegetarianism, what you should really be paying attention to when eating sushi, as well as a Q&A for his audience at the end of the show (which he’ll be doing for this upcoming show as well).

Tony will be performing at the Academy of Music on Wednesday, October 26th for an audience of about 25 hundred people. You can get more info on his Philadelphia stop by visiting where you’ll find out where else he’ll be stopping by in 2016. My tickets were sent soon after the tour was announced and telling by the success of the presale, I doubt there’s much time before it sells out, so hurry up and get your tickets!

Check out this clip from his previous trip to Philly on during an episode of his previous Travel Channel show, The Layover.

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