It’s May 5th!!! Happy #NationalHoagieDay!!!



Hey, guys!!!

Just wanted to pop in real quick and wish you all a very happy May 5th, more commonly known as “National Hoagie Day”!!!!! I almost forgot, but thankfully I was reminded by some people on social media and Google!


That’s right! In case you forgot (or if you’re a Trump supporter), there is no particular reason acknowledge today any differently besides the fact that we all get together to celebrate our most beloved and rarest food item, the hoagie!!!


Because I am!! Out of all the pointless national food “days”, National Hoagie Day is what I look forward to the most (next to National Avocado-Pit Day and National Slightly-Expired-Milk Day, of course)!!! I mean, I know that we eat Hoagies more than most foods here in Philly, and chances are that you eat one twice a week on average, but God DAMN IT, it’s time to throw everything aside and celebrate!!!!

If there was only some way we could honor the hoagie as foodies on a weekly basis… Some way we could celebrate our love for such an awesome and delicious food that binds us as foodies while exposing us to different cultures in our community…



Let’s set aside one day of the week, let’s say Tuesday, where we all get together as a city and eat hoagies!!! Local shops can implement specials for hoagie-lovers across the city to get together and celebrate our undying love for our favorite food! I mean, surely this would send a clear and concise message to our fellow foodies and social media marketers that this food is so important and beloved by a vast majority of our community by giving it it’s own day of the week, right? Nobody would dare challenge it with overlapping food holidays of a different food… right?

I’m so happy about today and am definitely NOT bleeding out of my nose out of rage and confusion. In fact, I’m planning my trip to Wawa right now!


Here’s to more national food holidays that we create on social media out of boredom and lack of discussion topics!!!


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