Sandwich Connoisseurs Rejoice! Samwich Arrives in Northern Liberties!

Sandwiches are probably my favorite kind of food. They make virtually anything on your plate much better not only by adding the delicious accompaniment of bread to your meal, but by enabling you to be the inherently lazy foodie that you are by making your food ten times easier to scarf down AND making it mobile. Just in case you were wondering – No. I’m not ashamed to admit that my passion for food and enthusiasm for being lazy go hand in hand.

Anyway… Those who share my love for meat and bread can in the Fishtown/Northern Liberties area can add another place to their list of sandwich spots that they need to religiously visit because our good friends, Angelo Polito and Georgeann Leaming (winner of season 9 of The Food Network’s Chopped) have decided to expand their very popular Samwich restaurant in South Philly to Northern Liberties, formerly known as their previous New American restaurant, Suppa.

If you haven’t tried one of Angelo or Georgeann’s Samwiches, just be aware that these are for serious sandwiches for serious foodies. Go down the street if you plan on ordering a plain ol’ ham & cheese, because Samwich isn’t that.

For instance, do what I plan on doing today and get yourself a Lamb Meatball sandwich with preserved lemon yogurt and spicy tomato chutney on a ciabatta roll. Matter of fact; get two.


The Lamb Meatball sandwich from Samwich: Lamb Meatballs with a preserved lemon yogurt sauce and spicy tomato chutney on a ciabatta roll. Picture:


You can also get their BBQ Brisket Samwich, pictured below. Pro tip: Get it with the optional (should-be mandatory) Mac & Cheese inside the samwich…


Can you say “mind blown”???


The BBQ Brisket from Samwich: House smoked brisket, house BBQ sauce, and hot pepper dressing on an onion roll. Picture:

Samwich opens today until 9 PM and is located at 1040 N. American Street (on Liberties Walk across the street from the Piazza) in Northern Liberties. 

Don’t worry, South Philly. The Samwich down there isn’t going anywhere either.

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